March 19, 2024
Logan County Achieves Certification as ACT® Work Ready Community
Logan County, Arkansas today announced it has met all criteria to become a certified ACT Work Ready
Community, demonstrating its commitment to developing a strong workforce pipeline, desirable to
employers, economic developers, and current and future citizens of the county.

The ACT® Work Ready Communities (ACT® WRC) initiative empowers states, regions and counties with
data, processes and tools that drive economic growth by identifying skills gaps and quantifying the skill
level of their workforce. Participants leverage the ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness
Certificate® (ACT® WorkKeys® NCRC®) to measure and close skills gaps and build common frameworks
that link, align, and match their workforce development efforts.

To begin the certification process, Logan County leaders attended the ACT Work Ready Communities
Boot Camp, an executive leadership and training program designed and led by ACT to initiate, deploy,
and drive carefully tailored efforts to improve the county’s work readiness. Leaders met with local
employers, policymakers, educators, and economic developers to establish goals and build a sustainable
WRC model to fit community needs.

Mayor Daniel Rogers stated that Logan County is pursuing the ACT Work Ready community certification.
“As Mayor of Paris, I am proud to lend my support and will collaborate with the other officials and
supporting agencies to achieve certification as an ACT Work Ready Community. I am encouraged by the
efforts of individuals and agencies dedicated to this project of providing employers with this tool
assisting in creating a skilled, diverse workforce to support the continued economic growth and
improved quality of life in our county. I believe an educated workforce will continue to improve our
economic sustainability and be attractive to employers seeking to bring high-quality positions into our

“Congratulations to Logan County for becoming an ACT Work Ready Community and joining a
growing list of counties dedicated to building a robust workforce,” said ACT Regional Manager of
Workforce Initiatives, Cheri Hughes. “The efforts of the county leadership to achieve WRC
certification will provide the community with a tremendous economic development advantage and
help it stand out for its workforce development efforts.”

For more information on this initiative, go to and view all of
ACT’s workforce solutions at

About ACT
ACT is a mission-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people achieve education and
workplace success. Headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa, ACT is trusted as a leader in college and career
readiness, providing high-quality assessments grounded in nearly 60 years of research. ACT offers a
uniquely integrated set of solutions designed to provide personalized insights that help individuals
succeed from elementary school through career. Visit to learn more.

About Logan County
Logan County boasts a population of 21,000 citizens. It is split by Mt Magazine with several cities on
each side of the mountain range. It was once made up of coal mining communities but has long since
diversified when the mining ceased. Logan county still boasts substantial agriculture and is home to
the Dale Bumpers Small Farm research center. Many small to mid-sized manufacturing companies are
located throughout the region that are supported by two State highways that ensure the supply chain
flow of these entities across the state. Logan County is also home to a robust enterprising network of
coffee cafes, microbreweries and other Artisan craft products that illustrate the entrepreneurial spirit
of the county.

The population of Logan County is as diverse as the industries that they support. Logan County has a
good and growing economy, a low cost of living, low unemployment rate, and a healthy mix of
manufacturing, leisure and hospitality, small retail, and agriculture resulting in a good balance creating
a thriving area in which to live. Good schools, an interconnected public library system, low rate of
crime, parks and trails, and museums, our lakes, streams, mountains, and forests make Logan County a
delightful and welcoming place to live a high quality of life and raise a family.
Press Contact

Dennis Williamson II, PCED, BREC, CWDP
Director of Workforce Development
Western Arkansas Planning & Development District
1109 S 16th St., Fort Smith, AR 72901
(O) 479-785-2651


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